PushON Partners with Shopware

Charlie Hankers | January 10th 2017

PushON is pleased to announce that we are now Shopware Business Partners. The German eCommerce platform has been turning heads in the industry and we are delighted to have been chosen to be among to company’s first five UK-based partners, and the only one in Manchester.

Shopware is a platform that puts the aesthetics and the journey at the heart of the user experience. Some eCommerce sites are designed to sell thousands of different products and can become busy and bustling marketplaces, but the Shopware experience tends to be a slightly more considered, pleasing one. It’s no mystery why many of its earlier adopters have been retailers and manufacturers of luxury goods, hand-crafted items, fashion, furniture and homewares. The control over the look and feel afforded by Shopware is an absolute joy, and with skilled design can become an uplifting experience.

There’s going to be much more to come from our relationship with this brilliant company, and we’re already getting enquiries about developing sites for the platform. Find out more about Shopware and how it could change the way you visualise your website on our Shopware Development page.