PushON team, Bashton launch LeanCall

PushON | April 26th 2012

PushON co-founders Simon Wharton and Roy Wilding have developed a strong portfolio of projects since they first joined forces in 2002, but now the pair have gone back to their roots with advanced outbound calling solution LeanCall.

Wharton and Wilding have teamed up with Linux and open source expert Sam Bashton to form LeanCall, a service Wilding told the M.E.N.

[quotetag image=”/wp-content/uploads/userphoto/2.jpg” link=”” text=”” from=”Roy Wilding”]does everything that a traditional call centre system does.

Traditional call centre systems are very expensive. You need a building with your own servers and phones, and you need to pay a regular software licence fee.

[With LeanCall] all you need is a laptop, or even a tablet, with an internet connection and a USB headset. Straightaway you are generating cost savings by removing the need for an office full of people and allowing remote workers to work from home.[/quotetag]

LeanCall prides itself on its sophistication; the product needs no hardware, and there is no contract to sign before using it. It’s a Pay As You Go service for any business managing concentrated outbound calls, and all that’s needed for use is a computer with an internet connection and a headset.

Speaking to How-Do, Wharton praised Bashton’s research and development, outlining how he and Wilding jumped at the chance to get involved:

[quotetag image=”/wp-content/uploads/userphoto/9.jpg” link=”” text=”The new business is an exciting move for us. We have always been entrepreneurial and have a track record of running successful online businesses. When the LeanCall opportunity came our way we were more than happy to get involved commercially.” from=”Simon Wharton”][/quotetag]