PushON Update

PushON | April 30th 2006

It’s been quite an exciting few weeks for us. We’ve been taking on staff to deal with the demand. This massively increases our capacity to deliver organic search marketing campaigns quickly and effectively.

Which is handy as we’re rapidly acquiring new clients.

First of all we have White Dental Spa, Cosmetic Dentist in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. They are an absolutely fantastic facility that delivers the very best in dental surgery. The premises are just as good as you would expect from a Spa that has had a seven figure investment. It’s not only the finance that is so impressive at the White Dental Spa, the pratice is run by Dr Khalid Hussain and Dr Grainne Mc Cormack.

Dr Hussain specialises in advanced cosmetics, dental veneers and implants, facial rejuvenation and smile makeover.

Dr Mc Cormack specialises in advanced cosmetic dental treatment and the newer drill free options available in restorative dentistry.

Secondly, We have Kintish. Kintish is Will Kintish and a dedicated team that helps him deliver his wisdom around the UK. Just in case you don’t know, Kintish is an expert in business networking. He provides very simple common sense solutions to all those issues that stop you generating new business and supporting the business that you have.

It’s all looking like a lot of fun.