PushON want a new Business Development Person!!

Simon Wharton | November 2nd 2017

PushON are looking for someone who understands sales and enjoys it. But we’re not looking for a sales beast. No aspiring Jordan Belforts need apply. At PushON, we are focussed on delivering the right service to the right clients at the right price. If it doesn’t fit, we don’t sell it.

As a sales person we need you to be able to open doors, understand the need and then close a deal. We generate inbound leads because of what we do and who we are but lead gen is still an essential skill.

You will be literate. You will be well presented. You will be able to build bonds with the team and achieve consensus. We have particularly strong bonds in PushON. You spend a large part of your life at work and we believe you should enjoy being at work.

You will be selling our range of services. We’re one of the truly fully-fledged eCommerce agencies that genuinely offers superb eCommerce build and Marketing. Experience of selling either would be ideal, both would be perfect. We will train you in what you don’t know of course.

We will offer you:

Some money. As they say, salary is based on experience and there is a performance related bonus scheme as well. But the base salary will be in the range £22k to £30K

You get holidays. It’s 22 days plus the bank holidays

We have a training budget as well. It just gets better.

It’s a 35 hour week though as it’s sales, your going to have to do a bit of mingling at times. I know were digital but old school approach still works beautifully.