PushON Work / Life – An interview With Jen, Online Marketing Consultant

Roy Wilding | May 22nd 2017
Jenny Pearse

Don’t be put off if you don’t have a digital marketing degree! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work for a marketing agency after being made redundant.

Tell us about your role at PushON, Jen.

I’m an Online Marketing Consultant. It’s my responsibility to manage a number of clients but you’ll also find me performing SEO and technical tasks.

Is this what you expected to be doing when you started here?

I’d hoped it would be. The world of SEO was still fairly new to me when I started at PushON but after a few months here I wanted to progress my skill set and expand my knowledge, and that’s exactly what happened.

Do you enjoy it?

Yes, very much so. Every week is varied and there’s always lots of industry changes keeping me on my toes!

And you’re our local search expert, anything you particularly like or don’t like about local search?

Updating citations can sometimes be tedious but luckily there are a number of useful tools out there to make the process easier.

Any predictions or insights on what people should look out for in local search during 2017 and beyond?

I think voice search has the potential to be big for top-ranking businesses. Also, Geotagging images, even though this isn’t new, it’s not used by many local sites. Through the latitude and longitude coordinates, you’re basically telling Google that your image is relevant to a local search query and they often return map results.

What big changes have you seen in online marketing during your time here Jen?

There has been so many important updates where do I start? To name a few – Pigeon (2014), Penguin 3.0 (2014), Penguin 4.0 (2016), Panda 4.1 (2014), Panda 4.2 (2015), Mobilegeddon (2015), Possum (2016) and Mobile Intrusive Interstitial Penalty (2017).

I saw you working your arse off back in December to put together an interesting looking content marketing campaign for one of our clients. Anything you can tell us about there? Any results that can be shared?

Ha! I’m still recovering from that one! I worked on an outreach strategy called ‘Build Your Own Snowman.’ We sent snow kits, including bicarbonate of soda and a can of shaving foam, to local businesses with the aim of them making their own snowman and being entered into a competition to win a corporate team building prize.

It was good fun but also lots of hard work! We predicted a 10% entry rate for the competition and that was the outcome. Unfortunately with any campaign you can’t guarantee that people will take part – that was definitely the biggest challenge.

You’ve been pretty active in the past helping us with charity support work, tell us about that?

Yes, it’s something I really enjoy doing and a great way to keep the office social.

So, what’s the plan with 2017 and charity stuff?

This year we’re supporting ‘Young Sound Vision’, a Stockport based charity for hearing and visually impaired children. With PushON being a Manchester based company it means so much more helping to raise money and awareness for a local charity.

Any words of wisdom for grads or others looking at online marketing as a career path?

Don’t be put off if you don’t have a digital marketing degree! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work for a marketing agency after being made redundant. They saw potential in me and gave the time to train me. It really opened doors and I haven’t looked back.

Any particular highlights or standout moments from your time at PushON so far Jen?

Raising over £1,000 for FOP Friends in 2015 was a great achievement. It was a real team effort, from runs to bike rides and cake sales. Knowing that the money raised will make a difference really makes it all worthwhile.