QR code-supported delivery system branded a success

PushON | June 29th 2012

A major independent postal company which claims to run the UK’s only nationwide tracking and delivery management website accessible via quick response (QR) codes, has announced that the scheme’s first six months of operation have been a resounding success.

DPD says that since the new interactive customer monitoring scheme’s launch back in November last year, more than 1 million unique users have visited the company’s dedicated tracking website; and that over 55,000 drop-offs have been rescheduled as a direct consequence.

Under the DPD scheme, if customers are not in when a package is delivered, they can use a smartphone to scan a unique QR code printed on the calling card left behind.

By scanning the QR code, customers are immediately connected to their own page on the DPD tracking website, from where they are then able to manage their delivery.

Using the system, customers can organise delivery for a different date; ask for the item to be redelivered and placed in a suitable location around the property; arrange for the item to be dropped off at the address of a friend or neighbour; or send notification that they will be retrieving the item from one of DPD’s local collection depots.

According to DPD’s chief executive officer, Dwain McDonald, the success of the scheme is attributable to his company’s recognition of the key role now being played by mobile technology among consumers:

“The rapid adoption of smartphones has led to a dramatic rise in mobile internet use. Home shoppers…expect information about their purchases at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they want it.”

he said.