How to Reclaim the Old Google Keyword Planner Data

James Whitelock | August 12th 2016

Keyword planner bucketed data

UPDATE: Looks like Google has killed this data as well now. As you were.

If, like us, you’re one of the unlucky early adopters of the new Keyword Planner search volume buckets (see above), fear not! There is a workaround that allows you to still get the data. I’ve not seen anyone mention this method so I thought I’d put together a quick post.

Here is how you get the data back. Add your selected keywords to a plan, then click ‘Download’ and check ‘Segment by month’. Then export the data:

Keyword planner

Voilà! The data lives. Monthly data is not bucketed. All you have to do is chuck an average formula at the end of each row:

How to get the old keyword planner data

Still incredibly frustrating that Google has taken away any level of granularity from us, but at least the data is still there (for now).