Roger Boyes: Riding the Trend

PushON | March 26th 2010

Much hillarity across t’internet due to the byline on the Times Article “Vienna Boys’ Choir Caught up in Sex Abuse Scandal” by Roger Boyes.  Well, this has gone across the social media space like wildfire and has been trending on Twitter. It occured to my cynical mind that this might just possibly be a linkbait scam by the Times prior to it instigating the paywall. So I thought I’d just check to see if Mr Boyes was real via the almighty Google. You’ll notice from the screenshot of the SERP below the

at there is a Wikipedia article about the journalist so clearly, if Wikipedia says he exists, he must do.

Roger Boyes

SERPs for Roger Boyes

But hang on, look to the right at the PPC ads. Oh dear. Ebay has “Feed your passion on”, Play has “Roger Boyes books £9.99” and my personal favourite “Roger Boyes at Amazon”

I guess there’s a serious point here as well that you’d better make sure that if you’re punting at terms you dont clearly understand by an automated process, you got some big risk