PushON team need your support for the Salford 10k!

PushON | September 2nd 2013

At PushON we have a proud tradition of sporting achieveme…. Ok, ok.. sorry I can’t carry on writing that as it’s a load of tosh. Here at PushON some of us play 5-a-side football but that’s about it. The rest of us are.. well… cool in our own ways, but certainly not out running every day and preparing to run marathons.

This is why I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I’ve been roped in to doing a 10k run for charity by my co-workers, or how the company even decided to pull together a team for this event. Yet they have and I have been… so I figured I may as well write about it.

On Sunday the 8th of September PushON will be running the Salford 10k looking to raise money for the Hand on Heart Charity. For those of you wondering who I mean by “PushON” I will quote the ever verbose Roy.

The Story So Far:

Only 6 brave souls (idiots) agreed to have a go and the dream team is,

Sam – “apparently alcohol makes your calve muscles stronger” Rutley (No idea where he heard that but I’m guessing it was AA Magazine (Alcoholic Athlete Magazine))

James – “I’ve been to the gym and actually 10k is quite far isn’t it? so can I drop to the 5k” Flacks (I’ve asked the question but if not he’s going to give it his best anyway)

Jonny – “I’ll do anything to get out of this including breaking a bone in my ankle” Pennington (Genuine injury and I’m sure he’ll be supporting from a bar on the day)

Dan – “Never done one before, I reckon I’ll be shit so I’m going to dress in a bear outfit to give me an excuse for being shit” Collier

Simon – “It’s a chance to wear a vest and show of my tattoo” Wharton

Roy – “Witness the fitness” Wilding

So, Jonny is out and there’s just 5 of us running/walking/crying now and we’d appreciate any small donation you can make to make the pain feel worth it but understand if you can’t/won’t/don’t.”

So there we have it. We’re running and it’d be great if you could support us in some way, shape or form!

PushON Run

Here’s the page if that way will be in the form of “cash”: http://www.justgiving.com/PushON