SASCON 2012: Analytics 2.0

PushON | May 23rd 2012

Speakers include:-

  • Al Wightman, Owner, So What Analytics @AlWightman
  • Dan Croxen-John, CEO, Applied Web Analytics @dancroxenjohn
  • George Ioannou, Head of Agency, Digital & Wise @georgeioannou

The future of Analytics

Analytics 2.0

  • In relation to accurate attribution, for on and offline activity, there are tools that will help us get there, but its just the beginning.
  • Make use of the correlations between time and campaigns within Analytics reports.
  • Focus on optimising and understanding business performance – this is the bit that is often missed.
  • Online is the most accountable channel – but so often we don’t see results driven campaigns.
  • Most analytics jobs are advertised requesting someone who can use the technology and capture data, without anything about the understanding of the data and gleening actionable insights.
  • Often analysts aren’t good at explaining or demonstrating what they’ve found.
  • Mentioned Richard Adams’ diagram on customer interaction at analytics.
    Richard adams diagram on customer interaction at analytics.
  • 18million people have contacted a brand using social media.
  • Its important to review data on your customer service.

How do you make in-store activity trackable?

  • Incentivise with foursquare
  • Use ipads in store
  • Vouchers

How do you measure lifetime value of a customer?

Lifetime customer value

  • The best tool to use for this is Excel!
  • Merge the data from your various tools.
  • Use data warehousing . Can now do this in ‘the cloud’.
  • There’s a trade off between privacy and data collection.
  • Companies are still not using propensity modelling to target people who are likely to buy, before sending their mail outs – effectively rendering it as junk mail.
  • Example web analytics measurement framework from George Ioannou
    Web analytics measurement framework
  • Web Analytics Simple Scorecard
    Web Analytics Simple Scorecard