SASCON 2012: Cutting Edge Search Technology

PushON | May 18th 2012

Rob Hughes, Digital Insight Manager, hômejames

Stephen James Lock, SEO Product Manager, Analytics SEO

Laurent Boninfante, MD, Acquisio

Matt Roberts, VP Product Development, Linkdex

Our takeaway points from the session can be found below:-

  • Recommended tools include Linkdex, Athena, Buzzstream, SEOMoz, Majestic SEO toolsets etc. These are for analysing profiles etc. Look at new features such as citations in Majestic SEO.
  • Checkout BloomReach to learn more about semantics and content development. Read the post on how it works and think about how you can disrupt others campaigns with these.
  • Retargeting will become a key part of a search marketing strategy. See Danny Roche’s slides for more information on this. While display advertising has been seen as a bit outdated the approach has vastly improved due to more transparency and better platforms. This makes it a much more attractive proposition to people and should be a viable option for many campaigns. (Laurent)
  • If you are doing search retargeting you will want to look at the entire conversion funnel. You need to make sure it tracks the whole way through. You should have this set for any campaign.
  • is becoming increasingly important and people should be using it (Stephen)
  • SPDY & Ajax can help speed up your website/server responses
  • AuthorCrawler is another tool to look at. Lets you analyse authorships and can be used for link building
Q&A session followed (no battery power to blog this)