SASCON 2012: Marketing Across Multiple Platforms – The Challenges and Opportunities

PushON | May 18th 2012

Speakers include:-

  • Peter Cobley, Commercial Director, hômejames @Cobblers
  • Rob Weatherhead, Head of Digital Operations, Mediacom @RobWeatherhead
  • Darren Herbert, Head of Conversion, Latitude @Herbie_365
  • Ade Allenby, Online Marketing Manager, TalkTalk Business @ady_a
  • Kevin Cunningham, Client Services Director, Carat @kevcunn

Intro by Peter Cobley

  •  Lots of people fall into the ROBO cycle (researching online buying offline).

Presentation by Rob Weatherhead

Addicted to mobile - Rob Weatherhead SASCon 2012

  • There are now 1.2 billion mobile subscribers
  • You must be mobile ready to future proof your business.
  • Search is still a key part of reaching users.
  • Right place, right time, right message,  right device.
  • People use different devices and are in a different state of mind at different points in the day. Make sure you keep this in mind when scheduling your messages.
  • Direct response action ‘opening hours’ have been extended.
  • Most people aren’t mobile  when they’re using a mobile device, the are likely to be on the couch in front of the T.V. Its important to target your message, and encourage people to look you up in the web.
  • Reach people at every stage using multplatform channels – from exploration, excavation to
  • Search runs across every stage of the process.

Presentation by Kevin Cunningham

  • “Having a campaign based on sales is not doing your campaign justice”
  • To really understand multiplatform marketing, you need to understand all the influences.
  • Track offline.
  • Set campaign objectives within the limitations that you are operating in.
  • Invest in measurement personnel, processes and systems

Presentation by Darren Herbert (in a transparant t-shirt)

Impact of attribution - Darren Herbert SASCon 2012

  • Conversion attribution is limited, and retargetting isn’t accurate when people are using the Internet on multiple devices (e.g.  Work P.C., home P.C., mobile, PS3).
  • Other limits, JavaScript or cookies blocked.
  • New solution : ‘fingerprinting’ (e.g. By Bluecava/AdTruth)
  • You can then retarget user groups with more effective adverts.
  • Completely circumvents the EU cookie directive because it profiles by device rather than by user.
  • Other solutions – unified logins (e.g. Google and Facebook).

Presentation by Ade Allenby from Talk Talk

Multi device campaigns - Ade Allenby from Talk Talk SASCon 2012

  • Tablets are geared towards content consumption rather than content creation.
  • But there’s likely to be a change; more businesses are introducing them into the workplace.
  • Different devices are used for different ourchase types and actions.
  • Smartphone purchases tend to be used more for emergency purchases – click to call is used more.
  • Desktop or tablet users are often researching an ‘issue’.
  • Divide media messages by device types.
  • Police the brand space manually using different devices (e.g. If using affiliates)

Questions to the Panel

Q. Why aren’t people talking about Connected T.V.?

A. Limited penetration at the moment, and more prevalent in the U.S.  But it will be a key part of the mix, and we need to learn more about it.

Q. Would you change your message to target ‘slouchers’ rather than purchasers after a certain time?

A. Cater for both and test. Depends on keyword analysis/customer profile. Brand terms are different again.

Q. Tracking for the different devices.

A. Econometrics is ideal, but make sure you’re using analysing the data and that its implemented correctly.