Tips on PPC, SEO & Social Commerce: SAScon 2016 PushON Roundup (Day 1)

Jennifer Faughnan | June 23rd 2016

SAScon 2016 was least week and it exceeded expectations! We asked Marzena from our marketing team to share her thoughts on the day.

The first day kicked off with a keynote speaker Jim Banks who is a Director of Paid Media at Groove.  He started his talk by taking us back to the good old days of search and how it looked 10-15 years ago.

PPC Campaigns

He gave us some really useful tips on how to run successful PPC campaigns which would be useful for any PPCer. Some of the key takeaways from his talk were:

  • Do not to include keywords in the UTM parameters so competitors do not see how campaigns are structured.
  • If remarketing feels creepy, you are doing it wrong.
  • Don’t forget about the ‘unicorn’ keyword, the keyword which is not used by other competitors but can bring you the most revenue. This requires a bit of creative thinking or an ‘outside of the box’ approach so to target people who do not search for your product directly and are not aware of the fact that you can solve their problem.


The next talk was done by Stacey MacNaught, a Search Director at Tecmark. It was a very useful talk for anyone with an interest in SEO.

  • Data that is collected can be used creatively to write engaging content.
  • Data can come from surveys, proprietary data and Freedom of Information data etc. (She gave a lot of examples of good websites, which can be found in her presentation slides linked Here).
  • Link and citation building, with proprietary data which answers questions, can win customers.
  • By adding a story to your data you can expect to grow more coverage of your content.
  • In order for data to be good it needs to be credible, timely, impartial and come from a transparent source.
  • Good stories need to be timely, relevant, unexpected, new, close to home and of human interest.

Social Commerce

Another talk of note was on Social Commerce with Ann Stanley, a Co-founder and MD of Annica Digital, Samantha Hearn, a Head of Social Media at Annica Digital and Rob Hughes, a Head of Earned Media at JD Williams. This talk was very rich in statistics which were very useful for any marketer to start thinking seriously about social commerce. Really interesting points I noted:

  • Paid social leads to 25% more conversions than the organic one.
  • Social is not a main sales driver but the customers in there are more valuable as the AOV is usually higher than from Paid Search.
  • 70% users on Pinterest are ready to buy
  • Carousel ads in Social have 10 times higher conversion rate.
  • Twitter is not going to push ‘Buy Now’ button as Dynamic Remarketing works more efficiently.
  • For apparel clients, social shopping sites such as Polyvore are important to consider in their marketing plans.

We also enjoyed the talk from Grace Kaye who is a Head of Programmatic at Brainlabs Digital. Her presentation focused on what Programmatic Marketing is all about and how to develop creative and targeted Display campaigns which people actually click on. She presented different remarketing methods which engage the user. We need to make the ads which catch the attention and are personalised.

A lot of talks were leading to an attribution tracking topic and the need for the cross-device tracking to get better with time. Overall it was a very insightful and informative day!

If you want to see what other people were saying about the day, check out the #SAScon hashtag!

Keep your eyes peeled for day two roundup to follow shortly.