SAScon Beta 2015 – Highlights

PushON | December 10th 2015

SAScon Beta is back and bigger than ever. As we come to the end of 2015 we couldn’t possibly let the year go without one more SAScon blow out. SAScon Beta is what is seen as a mini SAScon and yes, even though SAScon beta is half the size, you wouldn’t believe it would be the case with a wealth of action-packed talks from some of the industry’s finest. And a Mexican wave initiated by Twitter … have I mentioned that bit yet?

There were so many wonderful talks we couldn’t possibly fit them this blog post so here are our favourite highlights –

The Future of Enterprise SEO

SAScon Beta 2015 kicked off with Nick Wilsdon and his talk on The Future of Enterprise SEO. Nick has worked within the SEO industry since 1998 and is now leading the Vodafone Group in improving enterprise SEO performance across 22 markets. He talked us through his SEO strategy, dissecting deeper into the approaches we should be using as we create our campaigns.

Naturally as Nick is working for Vodafone, there was a large insight into mobile. For example, did you know 55% of South African users only access the internet via mobile? If your market is with South Africa, this is not something you can ignore. We all know 2015 has been a massive year for mobile with Google now taking mobile friendly sites as a ranking factor and Nick highlights to us that this increasing growth of mobile is going to challenge SEOs into becoming search architects in 2016. Not only will we be considering the mobile user journey, but app indexing is influencing user journeys as well.

Nick’s talk offered us some fascinating insight into the future of SEO whilst considering the changes we’re faced with from ad blocking to app indexing. I for one will be looking out for mobile’s influence in 2016.


Strategic Newsjacking: Increasing the ROI of Topical Content

Personally, Lydon Antcliff’s talk on newsjacking was one of my favourites due to the eye-opening nature around people’s retention of content. Defined by Lydon, newsjacking is content that takes an element of news and adds something extra in order to create something new and something that will promote your brand. We’ve all witnessed newsjacking from Oreo’s quick-off-the-mark social media responses or Innocent Smoothies’ quirky campaigns, and know that if you hit the newsjacking nail on the head, you have content gold.

Lydon explained that our love for clickbait derives from mental triggers within our mind that keep us interested. Content needs to be quick, trigger our interest and hold the power of persuasion and as Lydon states, as content creators we are drug dealers hardwired to capture the conversation and entice the reader. It’s certainly a step off route from the tradition content campaign process we hold with clients, but is definitely something worth trying as no one will remember if you fail.


So that Mexican wave you were wondering about, well we’ll get to that in a minute. Dennis Bree, UK and Ireland’s MMS Sales Manager for Twitter provided a very visually exciting presentation on global tweeters’ behaviours alongside insight into their latest direction and plans. From the major movement with video (Dennis explaining that in 2016 we’re going to see a shift from advertisers moving away from TV ads to online video ads) to Twitter’s new and successful live video streaming service Periscope. Cue the Mexican wave where for 30 seconds SAScon Beta 2015 attendees were world-famous on a live periscope stream. We all know there’s a race for video advertising and Twitter holds big plans.



Final Curtain

The beauty of SAScon is the exposure delegates get to all areas of digital marketing from the science behind a PPC campaign to marketing for SMEs on a shoestring budget to more technical exploration of Google bots. Not only is there something for everyone but if you find yourself as a PPC consultant in a talk on content performance and ROI, you’re going to come out with a wealth of knowledge than you had an hour before. We definitely can’t wait for SAScon 2016 … see you there!


You can catch some of the slides from this years SAScon Beta here:

Sasconbeta 2015 Dawn Anderson – Talk To The Spider from Dawn Anderson MSc DigM

The Future of Enterprise SEO – SAScon Beta 2015 from Nick Wilsdon


Understanding The Mobile SEO Opportunity – SAScon Beta 2015 from Nick Wilsdon