SASCon: The Search, Analytics and Social Media Conference in Manchester

PushON | March 18th 2010

If you’re in marketing you need to be at SASCon. This is a conference that will the leading online marketing conference in Europe. There is a strong focus on Search, Analytics and Social Media, hence the name. The speaker list is absolutely exceptional. We have:

Fantomaster who some might refer to as one of the leading Black Hat SEOs

Lyndon Antcliffe World renowned Link Baiter

Tom Critchlow from Distilled who was superb at Think Visibility

And many others. You can find the SASCon speaker list here.

And if you want to know what the sessions are, you can find them here. Personally, I’ll be in “Running a Pan European Search Campaign”. The UK has a competitive advantage over most of Europe with respoect to online marketing and I full intend to exploit that.

To give you an idea of value, a comparative event in London would cost perhaps £545 in the case of Search Engine Strategies. Entry to SASCon will cost you £200. Why? Well SASCon is put toegther by a number of agencies collaborating (Yes, collaborating!) to improve our sector. We wont make any money from this. Any profit goes into supporting events over the coming year and preparing for a bigger SASCon in 2011.

So are you coming to SASCon? If you’re in marketing you’d be bloody stupid not to

And if you’d like to sponsor the event and get in front of senior digital marketers and decision makers, speak to Nicky Wake at Dont Panic Projects