Search Engine Roundtable

PushON | August 31st 2006

We like Search Engine Roundtable as a place for thought on the “stuff that we do”. It has a voice that doesn’t annoy us. I’m using “we” and “us” in the Royal sense of course. We like the way they deliver the information and thought pieces they have. Not a lot of fluff. Think of it as intelligent editorial filtering out the fluff from a lot of what we read. We are really chuffed that they will be delivering a podcast in the very near future. Occasionally when we are on our travels, we like to doa bit of thinking and podcasts are a fantastic way to bring thought into your travels. Plug in the MP3 player and you have custom content in the car. Admittedly most of the time we’re playing odd noisy tunes that just about everyone else hates, but hey, it’s their right to be wrong.

So back on to the thread, we’re pretty excited about having what we hope will be a decent SEO podcast. Unfortunately it seems to be in conjunction with Webmaster Radio FM whose voice we don’t like. Lots of words, thin on the info. As far as I can work out, the general podcast from them is along the lines of

“So hey, we’re rilly stoked here at Webmaster Radio FM, we’re kicking back and y’know, just chillin, and we got my main man, my homey, whose going to be laying it down on the Google front. So JJ, how’s it hanging? My man,dude!”

“Hey hey big guy, how are ya, how are ya how are ya”

“Hey JJ, I got my coffee, I’m good, I’m good. So how are ya my homey?”

“yeah big guy, I’m chillin, I’m hanging”

And so on. Regretably you get he picture.

So I’ve got two messages:

Excited about the Search Engine Roundtable in the hope it will actually be useful and listenable.

and very concious that “voice” is important. Think about who is listening/reading/watching and how you would want to interact with them

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