SEO Bullshit Bingo

PushON | May 13th 2008

We work in an industry that is riddled with terminology that even we don’t understand half the time when someone says “Well that meme is something of a paradigm shift”, we nod sagely but really, we haven’t got a clue either. So in celebration of the bollocks that is talked at marketing meetings throughout the world, we have updated the classic meeting game, bullshit bingo, with SEO at the forefront. The idea is that you liven up all those tedious meetings going to our SEO Bullshit Bingo card generator and printing out the card. Cross off the terms as they come up in the meeting and if you get 5 in a line, up, down or diagonally, then jump up and shout “SEO bullshit!” Your boss will recognise your wit and intimate knowledge of the sector and give you a pay rise on the spot.