Social media site Menshn to close

PushON | February 15th 2013

The business partnership between Louise Mensch and entrepreneur Luke Bozier has dissolved and the Twitteresque social network Menshn is to be closed down.

Speaking about the move, Bozier said:

“Louise and I no longer have anything resembling a working relationship, and she no longer wishes to run a company in which I own shares.”

Bozier thanked the users who signed up to the site and was apologetic that the site failed to become a sustainable community to challenge Twitter.

Introduced to the world in June 2012, Menshn aspired to be a forum for politically based discussions and an alternative to Twitter.

On joining the social network, members were allocated with a hundred random followers in an attempt to generate discussion from the start. In addition, Menshn challenged Twitter’s 140 character limit with a higher limit of 180 characters.

Funding for the site came directly from Mensch and Bozier but problems with ease of use and security issues were soon highlighted. In an attempt to address these concerns, Bozier openly challenged hackers to attempt to login into the site using his personal email address.

Mensch had stated that she wanted Menshn to be a safer and more controlled platform than Twitter; this following her receiving unwanted, violent and explicit messages on Twitter.

Menshn’s future had been the subject of doubt following an apparent fall out between Bozier and Mensch, owing to allegations about his personal life; brought to light after his email account had been hacked.

Following the closure of Menshn, Bozier blamed the decision on Mensch and claimed that he’d never invest in any further business venture with her.