Social media use will grow and grow according to report

PushON | March 19th 2012

Far from having peaked, as some commentators have suggested, social media usage is firmly on a course for growth, according to a new report.

The report, Worldwide Social Network Usage: Market Size and Growth Forecast, by independent analysts eMarketer, predicts that not only will social media rise substantially in the year ahead, it will also continue to grow well into 2014.

The report’s main author, Debra Aho Williamson said:

“The strength of social networking as a worldwide online activity cannot be understated.”

According to the findings of eMarketer’s research, around 1.43bn people across the globe will be regular social media users by the end of 2012, a rise of 20% on 2011 figures.

The report points out that these usage statistics equate to 63.2% of all online visitors entering a social media site at a frequency of once per month or more.

Furthermore, eMarketer predicts this percentage will increase to 67.6% by the end of 2013 and will continue rising to over 70% by the close of 2014.

The report contextualises these figures into a further incredible statistic:

“At those user rates, one out of every five people in the world will use a social network this year, and one in every four will do so in 2014.”

Increased mobile use is one of the factors identified by eMarketer as helping contribute to the growth in social media usage, with use of mobile devices particularly extensive among Facebook and Twitter visitors.