FocusON: Social Trends – Are we seeing the demise of Facebook?

PushON | June 4th 2013


Social media is a term that many would struggle to defy, with the exchange of opinions and useful information being the key driving force.

Wikipedia defines Social Media as –

the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Is this a generic way of looking at the interactions that we create using all these variations of social media? How would you define the use of your social media habits?

For me, I’d say that I haven’t shared any opinions or information on my personal Facebook in years! Facebook was useful for creating groups at University, similar to a forum to ensure information can be shared and helped enormously with group work and arranging times to ensure work was done to meet deadlines. Having a forum on Facebook using the groups can help anyone with queries or questions that they may have and the feedback from the University groups was positive and helped quieter members of the class, ensuring that everyone in class was involved in discussions.

In a recent study on Internet trends published by Mary Meeker of KPCB, Facebook was shown as the major social network in decline but the user base still tops the others followed by YouTube and Twitter.

Social Media

Looking at the figures we can see that the only social network to decline from year to year is Facebook, showing a huge shift towards YouTube and Google+.

The full report can be found below:

KPCB Internet Trends 2013 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

The key information found from the study shows growth in shared and created digital content, from documents to pictures, tweets and other social media sharing. An interesting figure also showed that 100 hours of video were uploaded onto YouTube per minute.

Figures released by Facebook on May 1st also showed a decline for year on year growth for Facebook however, monthly and daily active user numbers are higher than ever, topping 1.11 billion and 665 million, respectively.

Facebook Growth

Is this due to the fact that everyone has already signed up to Facebook? or are people joining other social networks?

My Facebook Timeline currently appears to be a stream of news due to the vast amount of people who have been removed from the stream because of the pointless statuses that have no place on Facebook. Status updates such as ‘Just been to the shops its great there’, or ‘The weather is great outside’, get on my nerves with bragging also being the annoying traits you see on Facebook. People checking in on holiday and uploading pictures while you are enjoying the cold weather in England get a straight timeline removal with ‘ My life is great… Just won £1 on a scratch card’ being something you would see on Facebook.

Similar behaviour that many find annoying is the use of ‘Vaguebooking’ – this is where someone writes a vague Facebook status update that prompts a response from friends to ask what’s going on. Keep an eye out for the ‘Vaguebooking’, with statuses like ‘Why me?’ or ‘This would only happen to me’ etc, and avoid asking them any questions.

Users on Facebook who have their Twitter and Facebook synced up also get a lot of criticism, its just lazy and pointless making all of your social networks synced up so you can update from one place. Hashtags currently have no place on Facebook with other social platforms incorporating the use of hashtags, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

6 Possible Reasons for Facebook decline:

  1. Parents or Relatives sign up and ask to be your Facebook friend
  2. Better Social Networks
  3. Annoying habits found on Facebook
  4. Not able to create alias like on Twitter
  5. Minimal interaction without ‘Vaguebooking’, bragging or sharing holiday pictures
  6. People asking for likes and comments on pointless photos or memes


So which social platforms are catching up to Facebook?

Social Platforms

YouTube – Since Google bought out YouTube, the social elements have drastically grown allowing for integration with Google+ and other social platforms. Has the increasing popularity of Vlogs helped YouTube to have the largest growth from 2011-2012?

Google+ – Google+ saw massive growth year on year for 2011-2012. Will the new redesign bring in more users?

Pinterest – Pinterest has always been a steadily growing social platform, allowing for simple use of image share and interaction with others in a similar industry.

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