Sophisticated augmented reality spectacles prototype demonstrated

PushON | October 4th 2012

In what many commentators say could have far reaching implications for both professional and leisure applications, The technology Partnership (TTP) – a company based in Cambridge – has unveiled a revolutionary new spectacles concept.

The concept allows the user to view augmented reality (AR) images instantly and without the need to change direction of gaze.

The prototype spectacles create the AR images with the assistance of a built-in miniature projector situated on one of the spectacle arms. The images from the projector’s beam are reflected directly onto the spectacle lenses – which, in turn, reflect the images directly into the eyes of the wearer.

The resulting view as seen by the user is of a perfectly synchronised combination of the real image together with a superimposed AR image.

Commenting on the long-term potential for the new device, TTP’s business development manager, Dr Allan Carmichael, cited assistance for medical professionals as one eventual possibility:

“To tell [surgeons] what’s happening to the patient’s life signs – to the blood oxygenation when I press here, what happens to the pulse. If you can display that directly into their field of vision, that’s really useful.”

The concept is understood to be only in the first stages of development as it can currently only present the user with a still, black and white image, owing to restrictions round the specification of the projector currently being used.

Commentators however have praised the prototype spectacles as showing more potential than a similar concept being developed by Google, which features a small screen in the corner of just one of the lenses.