Specialist online voucher company reveals app creation tips

PushON | November 28th 2012

A senior executive at one of the UK’s largest providers of online discount vouchers has revealed what he considers to be the most fundamental principles for success when developing new consumer mobile apps.

Speaking at the Mobile Marketing Strategies Conference held recently in London, the product director with VoucherCodes.co.uk, Daniel Bower, gave advice – including making sure that apps are capable of being downloaded quickly by consumers.

Factors having an adverse effect on speed, said Bower, include the app itself being too large and the necessity to download any data from a live source.

The second recommendation made by Bower is to always use the developer guidelines laid down by the app store owners when creating a new app.

Following these guidelines, he said, will help speed up the app creation process, while also helping to minimise the onset of any technical faults.

Bower’s third suggestion is to ensure that the application programme interface (API) is always geared towards incorporating data rather than eliminating it. This, he said, will help get the app into operation more quickly and cost-effectively.

The API should also, he said, be capable of working across different platforms to help offset the need for future development work.

The next recommendation made by Bower is to avoid marketing an app too heavily until it is certain that any initial teething problems have been eliminated. Multiple versions may have to be developed before reaching this point, he said.

Finally, Bower advised securing positive customer feedback where possible since this is likely to lead to a higher store ranking for the app.