Survey identifies crucial B2B email marketing campaign features

PushON | September 19th 2012

A new survey carried out among business to business (B2B) marketers, working directly for clients, has identified those aspects of a B2B campaign agreed by the respondents to be the most important to focus on for marketing success.

The survey, undertaken by specialist marketing research company, Circle Research, also revealed that email marketing continues to be a crucial tool in the B2B sphere – and one of growing influence – with 53 per cent of the marketers saying they planned on increasing future expenditure on email marketing.

According to the survey, the most important aspect of B2B email marketing is the subject matter – with around 55 per cent of respondents emphasising that the theme had to be appropriate for recipients.

Following on behind subject matter, the related consideration of subject lines was deemed to be a key priority by around 40 per cent of those surveyed. Strong subject lines were felt to be important in ensuring that messages had clarity and prominence.

In addition to the nature of the message itself, making certain that the campaign had accurately homed in on the most appropriate target for the message was considered vital by about 39 per cent of respondents.

Customer database segmentation and profiling was felt to be essential in identifying the right message for the right recipient in a diverse and complex marketplace.

For these reasons, 38 per cent of those surveyed also cited that quality and accuracy of database lists was essential.

Finally, 34 per cent of respondents emphasised the importance of effective copywriting when generating email marketing campaigns.