Survey reveals level of public QR code engagement

PushON | January 29th 2013

A new survey has identified that, on average, 15% of all consumers across the UK, US, France and Germany have at some stage scanned a quick response (QR) code.

The survey, which was carried out by media technology organisation Pitney Bowes, found that the highest level of QR code scanning took place among US consumers – accounting for 19%. The lowest incidence of QR code scanning took place in France – with 12% of consumers there saying they had activated a QR code.

The use of QR codes in the UK, meanwhile, was found to match the 15% average.

The survey also found the activation of QR codes to be more prevalent among those in the 18 to 24 age group than it is those in the 25 to 34 age range.

According to the data, however, those in the older age group were still found to be fairly active users – with the average overall proportion of QR code scanners in the entire combined 18 to 34 age bracket being as high as 27%.

When it came to looking at the media most frequently used by consumers as a source for the scanning of QR codes, the survey found that magazines were the most popular source – accounting across all four countries for an average 15% of scans – followed by other traditional print media – mailshots and packaging (both at 13%), and posters (10%).

The next most popular sources for QR codes were websites (accounting for an average 8% of scans), emails (5%) and television (4%).