Swiss firm introduces new technology to challenge QR codes

PushON | February 16th 2012

Kooaba, a specialist technology company based in Zurich, Switzerland, has introduced a new app which, it claims , has the potential to render QR codes irrelevant.

The new app, called Shortcut, enables the smartphone user to glean the type of information currently available from the scanning of QR codes by instead simply scanning their phone over ordinary images.

Once the image has been scanned it is reproduced digitally on the smartphone screen and can then also be used to connect, via the web, to information relevant to that image.

In addition, the smartphone user will be able to add comments and even their own images to what they have found, before sharing the information with others.

The app is in fact a development of a previously available technology from Kooaba called Paperboy. This latter app was used by news media organisations for capturing digital images of printed material.

Since Paperboy is so familiar to newspaper and magazine companies, Kooaba’s Chief Executive Officer, Herbert Bay, says the latter are particularly receptive to the concept of Shortcut; describing these media as ‘low-hanging fruit for our app’:

“…we can make them interactive’, he says, ‘In addition they can sell their advertisers on that interactivity…it removes the needs for QR codes”.

To date, the new technology, which works on iPhones, Windows Phones, and Androids, has already been adopted by the publications USA Today and the New York Post.

Bay says he is currently looking for ‘strategic investment’ in sales and business development schemes in order to further promote Shortcut.