The Age Of Video & Video Marketing

PushON | January 12th 2009

flipVideo technology has undoubtedly become one of the most exciting content formats in recent years and become increasingly available to the masses via the internet. If you think you can buy a perfectly decent camera for as little as 100 pounds (we personally like the Flip) and can deliver it to millions of people for completely free. This is a powerful prospect but getting your video noticed takes time, planning and precision, afterall the internet is full of video spam or vspam.

The first thing i would like to point out is that there is no point in releasing a video for the sake of it. You need to release something that is useful to it’s audiences and content that is expressively more useful in video format. If you have something that can be delivered more interestingly in text then you should consider that.

Ok so lets begin by looking at your potential audience and what keywords you would like to target. The great thing about video is its popularity. Google and other search engines like to rank popular and useful content and videos hosted on YouTube often perform well on Google. YouTube is of course one of the most popular video sites to date and achieves around 60 million unique viewers a month (Quontcast). The site is extremely popular with generation y viewers however it is not the only site to look at when considering video marketing.


You are probably not going to rank for extremely competitive terms with your video so when titling your video look at some long tail terms or at lease terms that are less competitive. Google keywords tool should give you some nice hints. Obvious titles would be ‘How To ******’ if you are offering some type of guide or tips in your video. You would probably achieve good rankings with this.

So now that you have your great idea and well crafted title you should look at distribution and delivery.


Promoting Your Video

  • Upload your video to YouTube and other leading video sites. I personally like Vimeo and you may also find video sites that operate in your particular niche. It may also be worth varying your titles across the sites.
  • Video content is perfect for social media sites such as Stumble Upon. Stumblers tend to like humerous content so this site is a must if you have this type of video.
  • In YouTube leverage the power of the subscribe feature. The more subscribers you have to your channel the better as your videos will be embeded in their subscriptions panel. This means more people are likely to see your video.
  • Use a consistant layout and theme with all your videos.
  • Make it easy for people to share your video. Social media buttons etc.
  • If your making regular video’s add it as a feature on your blog and maybe in your newsletters.
  • Post video in relevent and related forums. Engage with your audience.
  • Chose the right thumbnail. If the first image users see looks dull then they will be unlikely to click the play button.
  • Benefits Of Video

    I’m not going to bang on about the benefits as they are mainly obvious but some of the main ones are listed below.

    – Lots Of Traffic
    – Rankings
    – Promote Products and Services
    – Build a community & following

    Hope you found these tips useful and don’t forget to look out for our up and coming monthly video series.