The Internet Just Got Faster

PushON | April 2nd 2007

You may remember reading back at the end of last year that a few of us went over to the PubCon conference in Las Vegas and popped in on the guys at Propel in San Jose on our travels.

As we mentioned at the time Propel have developed what we feel is the best dial up accelerator on the market and we are pleased to announce that we have started delivering the product in the UK under the NetFury brand.

NetFury itself is made up as a separate business run by a couple of organizations. There is us at PushON, our sister company VirtuAffinity and our colleagues at Pack Net.

As well as dial up acceleration the Netfury accelerator also works as a broadband accelerator and will soon be available as a mobile GPRS accelerator.

For more information about The Netfury Accelerator check out the Netfury Blog.