The Internet of Things & Eventbrite: 5 ways to improve event marketing – SASCon BETA 2014

PushON | December 1st 2014

SAScon BETA 2014

Eventbrite now, discussing ways to host events for your clients and future campaigns. Rakhi SInha runs us through her tips on event marketing.

1. Modern Email Marketing

This is still important. Eventbrite are modernizing this into a PInterest style grid, still a trial, but algorithms will work to pull through images to run alongside marketing emails, to see how this improves click through rates. Have a call to action too, and also, segmentation is important. Know your demographics, and what they like, what they dislike. Targeted email marketing. Asos are doing it, and notice how Amazon sends follow up emails asking you to rate books you’ve purchased.

Offer value too. Add a giveaway, an offer, or some important news. People don’t want any old junk clogging their inbox. Set goals, be strategic – and always include images. Basically, ask yourself, would the consumer miss me if I was gone?

2. Treasure Data

Research who is doing what, and who wants to do what – use tools to get to really know your demographic, which means you can create more targeted events and online campaigns. Find out where your traffic is coming from – social media, search – and then narrow down to take advantage of this information. Work smarter, not harder.

3. Maximizing Your Event Content

Content is like a Christmas turkey. Huge, and it lasts. Slice it up and do more with it. Convert content into other kinds of content. Would an info graphic adapt into an article? If you’re running an event, make sure you’ve got a photographer! Try to get as much out of your concept as possible. Brightspace is shown as a video.

A video is shown of dog yoga. Yup.

4. Build a Community of Partners

Eventbrite functions on its partners. Using designers and artists with a strong social media following is great for event exposure. It all helps reach. Well known DJs playing at Eventbrite events so well too. Think about your influential partners. Use them.

5. Create a Consistent and Unmistakable Brand

Keep your platform branded and consistent. Let your audience recognize you from a single glance. Taylor everything.

Next up, is Kristal Ireland, with her talk ‘Twenty Six: The internet of things’

‘The internet of things is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment’

Smart glasses, smart cars, drones, smart watches, smart phones. Interconnection. There’s a lot of growth in this market, more so than expected. Space satellites, pacemakers, air traffic control – it’s data captured and communicated in real time. Is this internet of things making life better though, or is it making us lazier?

Connectivity is key. The human race has always been trying to engage with others, and the internet of things works towards to that. But let’s not forget of course, the revenue this creates too. Google for one see this as the new enterprise. More apps. Google bought Nest this year for this exact reason. A home and a computer, combined. But what if it just doesn’t work? What if the technology isn’t there yet? And some are cautious that Google would be so directly involved in your home; Google already control us online, should it have our off line lives too? Is this the future, or are we bordering on Skynet style Terminator tech at this point? What impact will Nest and Google’s acquisition of it have for our privacy?

The NHS is looking to add wearable tech to monitor our health, but the people who’d need this technology most may not be able to afford it. This leads Kristal to mention Helius – a wearable, human-powered digital health device which sits in your body, and reports problems to an online team. Again, is this the future, or are we ingesting a sensor that lets too many people monitor us? Playing the slippery slope angle, we end up bordering a semi dystopian future. This is science fiction bordering reality, and with current issues of online privacy, something we need to keep an eye on. Wait for surfaces we can interface with in concept homes. Again – very clever, and nice technology for some, but will this become too prevalent within the internet of things?

Movies predicted flying cars. Turns out instead, we’re getting self driving ones. Cars which uses sensors to physically drive around the roads. Think of the benefits for this. Older people who can’t drive, people with impaired vision – sometimes there are fantastic inspirational things which can come from technology. Kristal does make a little reference to the bloated lazy people in WALL-E however – it’s perhaps laziness which may become a problem as technology starts to pick up beyond the slack.

We need technology to be part of the modern world. You can’t apply for a council house for example, if you’re not online. Bear in mind as we get excited about the digital future, the people who can’t afford to keep up. On the scary side, Kristal shows a video where a WiFi baby monitor is hacked. As we move into the future, bear in mind – why does my fridge need to be digital?