The New Must Have Toolbar For SEM's

PushON | January 21st 2009

Recently SEOBook launched their latest incarnation of their SEO tool bar and so far the new system has been welcomed with rave reviews. The toolbar allows fellow search engine marketers to analyse websites quickly and effectively. So for example you can quickly look at how many links a site has and what types of links they are. Other essentials included in the toolbar are a rank checker, a keyword density viewer and a quick view source tab.


The new toolbar is not only extremely quick but also incorporates everything in a nice and easy to use format. I personally, to this point have been using SEOpen and in the office we use Search Status but in the coming months we will no doubt switch to this new and much more advanced tool. If you haven’t seen the tool bar yet we definately recommend that you take a look. You can find out more and download the tool from the link displayed below.