The Power Of Social Media and Creative Partnerships – SAScon 2015

PushON | June 12th 2015




Speaker: Angelique Miller, Head of Creative Partnerships, Expedia

Angelique kick-starts her talk by highlighting insights into multiscreen consumer behaviours with a travel industry focus. She highlights that you need to understand your consumer data in order to support your big ideas and campaigns.

79% of consumers own a smartphone and 43% own a tablet; this market is growing faster in the UK than the US and broader Europe. Angelique’s interpretation of this  is that we should be targeting consumers on these devices in a different strategy.

Users aren’t just reliable on one device but all three: tablet, smartphone and PC. 48 million people in the UK engage with digital content each month, with 73% engaging with travel. 53% of this is accessed through smartphone which is predicted to increase along with the 37% on tablets. From this we learn that having a multiscreen strategy is vital in order to focus on increased conversions.

60% of online purchases are made on tablets in 2015 so far, and therefore Angelique highlights that conversions should be aimed for more on tablets and smartphones.

Social media is a currency to make yourself appear more appealing and this is something Expedia interpret into their campaigns in order to meet their KPIs of growing brand awareness, following and engagement. Expedia harnessed user generated content e.g. boring tweets and reproduced more interesting content in response to this users content. This had over 507k impressions.