Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tools

PushON | November 12th 2008

Twitter has become one of the must have tools for internet marketers but which tools should we be using? There are numerous top 10 lists out there however many of them are out of date or simply don’t have the focus. So i have decided to compile a list with a little help from the guys in the office and some of my friends on the internet.

  • Tweet Deck – Twitter Client. In marketing we all understand the need to follow conversations and be able to engage in them quickly and easily. The standard Twitter interface makes this extremely difficult so making use of a comprehensive Twitter client such as Tweet Deck can make this much easier. The three panel layout means you can see track your direct messages, your standard responses and also the overall Twitter conversation of the people you follow.
  • Tweet Scan – Brand Monitoring. This tool is excellent for finding out what is being said about you, a topic or a particular business. Tracking what people say about your business is extremely important. This tool is a great customer feedback tool as you can see what people are saying about your product or brand.
  • Monitter – Real Time Keyword Monitoring. This tool allows you to type in multiple keywords and track the conversation around those in real time. This gives marketers the chance to see what people are talking about around particular topics and themes. This gives us the chance to release pages or news items around this coversation. This means that your site is keeping up to date with the latest trends and gives people a reason to come back.
  • Twitter Tools Plugin – Keeping Your Readers Up To Date. Twitter Tools is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to post new post url’s to your Twitter feed automatically. This drives traffic to your blog or news section. If you post a lot of new blogs each day then this probably wont be the tool for you. Tweeting to much can annoy people.
  • Twitter Local – The Local Angle. This is something that i came across and have not had chance to fully research it however the concept behind it is interesting. A lot of SEO campaigns are going local these days so with this tool you can now track what people are saying in a particular geographical area.

This list could essentially be endless as the number of tools being released is rapidly growing. If you think we have missed an essential tool then why not drop us a line. It is also worth checking out Julia Roy’s blog. She does an excellent weekly round up of Twitter.