Trustpilot’s Pocket Guides to the Role of Trust in Marketing

PushON | April 15th 2016

In preparation for our free event on trust in the Omni-channel era next month, Trustpilot has produced a couple of downloadable guides demonstrating the importance of trust in eCommerce.

Once upon a time, savvy consumers would buy review magazines, newspapers and specialist publications to help them with important purchase decisions. Nowadays the customer journey is a seamless one through need, discovery, advice and purchase, and often takes place in a single session on the computer or phone. And unlike the individual reviewers who could make or break a product, business, hotel, restaurant or other service, the authority and credibility comes from hundreds of consumers who have experienced them as customers, not as reviewers.

The result is a more democratic, trustworthy, impartial and incorruptible source of  information about things people are spending their money on. Think of the difference between a newspaper review and a word-of-mouth recommendation, and which one you’re most likely to follow up.

Obviously, offering a great service enhances your chances of success. But with more reviews, the chances of a single bad experience having a major influence are minimised. Outliers and freak experiences are quashed by the multitude of reviews that give a more accurate representation of the quality of what you have on offer.

Here’s what Trustpilot have to say on the subject:

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