Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Cover Photo Dimensions and Templates

PushON | November 8th 2012

Recently social networks have taken to including cover photos on their user profiles. Facebook, then Google+ and more recently Twitter have allowed users to add an additional, much larger, image to their profile page – as well as their profile photo.

As with the profile photo dimensions, the cover photo dimensions differ between each social networks, which can make the process of creating a cover photo more challenging.

Twitter Cover Photo Dimensions

The Twitter cover photo dimensions are: 1252px x 626px

Interestingly Twitter have chosen to overlay the users profile photo over the center of the cover photo, which provides an opportunity for creativity and interactivity between the cover photo and profile photo.

Here is an example of the PushON Twitter cover photo:

PushON Twitter Cover Photo

Download our layered PSD template for Twitter cover photos here.

Google+ Cover Photo Dimensions

The Google+ cover photo dimensions are: 940px x 180px

Google+ Cover Photo Dimensions

You can see the PushON Google+ cover photo below:

PushON Google Plus Cover Photo

Download our layered PSD template for Google+ cover photos here.

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

The Facebook cover photo dimensions are: 851px x 315px

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Similarly to the Twitter cover photo, the Facebook cover photo is positioned behind the users profile photo on their profile page, however, unlike Twitter the profile photo is positioned in the bottom left-hand corner.

The PushON Facebook cover photo can be viewed below:

PushON Facebook Cover Photo

Download our layered PSD template for Facebook cover photos here.

Cover Photo Templates

We have put together a series of PSD templates that you can download and use for creating cover photos for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can download each separately using the links above, or in a single zip file using this link.