Twitter Tools to Help Improve your Business’ Social Presence

PushON | April 4th 2013

Social media can assist with the building of relationships with existing and potential customers, by interacting with them and making them aware of your brand, traffic can increase as a result and help improve brand awareness. Having content shared on these channels can also be useful in terms of helping a website’s rankings and building links to the site.

Here are some of our top tools and webpages that we recommend:


SocialBro is a great tool to analyse Twitter followers and monitor performance.

To get started, you can simply use the tool in the Google Chrome browser. Once installed as a browser tool from the Chrome web store, create an account and link the Twitter profile to the account. This will then synchronize your current audience but results will not be seen fully for a long period of time (as shown below):


SocialBro has a setting that allows you to see when your top 100 followers are most active on Twitter via a chart telling you the optimum time to tweet during the week. Using these times, you can then enter this data into tools such as HootSuite or Buffer to publish tweets at these times:

SocialBro is also useful for finding out who has unfollowed you, in order to keep your Twitter followers/following ratio down.

TweetDeck / HootSuite

As we all know, Twitter announced a few weeks ago that it will be discontinuing three of its TweetDeck apps for iPhone, Android and Air. However you can still use it on Chrome appstore and in other web browsers.

TweetDeck allows you to follow a live stream of tweets from your followers. Another benefit is that you can monitor hashtags and keywords, this  allows you to be able to get involved in and strike up a conversation with the publisher. You can also keep track of more than one account on TweetDeck which is great for businesses with more than one account or client. Many agencies use this to post across platforms, for example to post one article across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but from my experience, this looks like a lazy technique to be social.

Hootsuite is a great tool for allowing you to monitor all of your business’ social platforms in the one place. As you can see from the image below, it allows Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Foursquare to name a few. But the same problem arises where you get the duplicate content being pushed across plaforms, with tweets being published on Facebook and Google + with hashtags and mentions being included which can be a put off for many of the readers.

As with TweetDeck you can monitor tweets and hashtags, the only negative we can find with Hootsuite is the layout and text side being annoying, with no way of making the text any bigger in the same way that TweetDeck does it.


Followerwonk lets you search Twitter bios to find keywords that you are looking at targeting. You can enter keywords and then ask it to search particular locations. Another useful tool within Followerwonk, is the Analyze followers section. We use this to look at the people following competitors and then we can contact them or reach out to them via Twitter or personal website.

Twellow and Just Tweet It

These are directories that improve the popularity of your twitter profile and can help gain followers.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a tool that helps show a visual overview and graph of your Twitter stats. Twitter Counter tracks statistics for over 80 million users. It helps you set targets for followers and predicts how many you will have over a particular period of time.


Buffer makes it easy to share any page you’re reading throughout the day. You can keep your Buffer topped up with at least 10 tweets and they will then be automatically share posts for you throughout the day. More Tweets can be scheduled if the retail version is purchased. is a link shortening tool that allows you to keep track of the clicks and data fromcontent that is being published across all social platforms. This data can be used to show where the audience is engaging from, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and the country where these clicks are coming from.

Google Reader + News / Flipboard / Feedly

Currently we use Google reader to keep up to date with the latest blogs and relevant content being published online. This helps to find content to publish on our own twitter and Facebook with updates that can involve engagement and opinions from the audience. With these interactions, others will see and this helps to gain followers in the long run.

However, with the news that Google Reader, one of the most popular RSS feed readers, is shutting down on July 1, 2013, we have been looking for alternatives to keep us up to speed with all the news in the digital world.

Google News is also useful for finding the latest articles that are not published by blogs. My monitoring activity on Google news you can be one of the first to update your audience with any breaking news or important information that’s worth sharing.


Flipboard is currently only set up as an app for Tablets and smart phones. It uses RSS feeds to present you with a simple news feed, by ‘flipping’ between the news stories the layout is much like a magazine. Flipboard presents your information in a simple and interactive way, making it a nice app to use, while on the go. The main drawback of Flipboard is the missing desktop version, but the app makes up for it with its beautifully crafted design and user interface.


After the announcement of Google Reader’s retirement most users were worried about exporting their Google Reader feeds. Feedly makes this process seamless you can simply import your list and it is that simple. The layout is very user friendly and in many ways it is better than Google Reader which is no mean feat.


Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks. They crunch your social data to give you insights into how influential you are and what you are influential about on your social platforms.

Lets us know what you think and if there are any tools or sites we missed out that you find useful for your Twitter social.

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