UK App store from Facebook is now open

PushON | July 12th 2012

The much anticipated new App Centre from social media giant, Facebook, has been introduced in the UK, following on from its inaugural launch in the US in June.

It is understood that as well as popular game apps such as Bejeweled and Draw Something, the UK app store will also offer apps specialising in data content and music offerings.

Access to another popular social media site, Pinterest, is also expected to be on the cards, just as it has been in the US, where the store now offers over 600 different app products.

The UK App Centre will additionally offer users the chance to buy into some apps of European origin, including Deezer, the much talked about music streaming service based in France.

As part of the new store’s listings, Facebook will also offer apps of its own. It is also understood to be offering a ‘recommendation’ service whereby the most popular apps, as rated by users, are highlighted via its store listings.

Drawing on its strengths as a regularly used social media platform, Facebook’s recommendation service will also keep members informed of which apps have been chosen by their friends on the site.

The new UK version of the Facebook App Centre will also be available in a dedicated mobile format, suitable for both Apple iPhones and Android devices.

Facebook members will be able to log in to the new App Centre using Connect.

The social media network stands to gain a 30 per cent cut of the retails takings for any apps developed by third parties exclusively for the new store.