UK construction firms not capitalising on social media

PushON | March 20th 2013

Many companies within the UK construction industry have recently responded to a survey about their use of social media. They were also asked about their intent, or otherwise, to use it in the coming year.

Of the companies that responded, over two thirds of them operate the majority of their trade in a business-to-business environment. This figure may suggest that social media is not likely to be used, yet more than 65% are currently using it.

Of those firms not using social media, nearly half admit to not having the correct knowledge to capitalise on social media. Around 11% felt they lacked the resources and over 27% did not see the point of social media.

When asked about future plans, a quarter of companies intended to utilise a social platform within the next half a year and another quarter expected to be running social media channels by the end of 2013.

The vast majority of UK construction companies using social media are members of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, Pinterest is making ground and already has over 9% of the UK construction firms that use social media signed up to it.

While there is still much scope for UK construction companies in social media, those that are operating a social media platform appear to understand the basics of social marketing, with nearly three quarters explaining they use it to raise brand awareness. Additionally, a third of them claim to use it to build partnerships, while a quarter of them use it for customer service.

Although many UK construction companies are using social media, just 4% are outsourcing responsibility for social marketing to industry experts, preferring to manage it in-house.

It is no secret that poorly managed social media channels can be detrimental to a business; as such, there is concern from some experts that construction companies seem to be leaving their social media management to a potentially untrained member of staff.