UK consumers among top users of mobile search

PushON | March 29th 2012

A new report points to the UK as being one of the world’s most active centres for online mobile search, a fact which, the report says, marketers and advertisers have certainly noticed and are currently actively exploiting.

The report, entitled The State of European Mobile Search Advertising 2012 – produced by marketing technology specialists, Marin Software – reveals that 15.1% of all pay per click (PPC) online searches made in the UK in December was carried out using mobile devices.

This percentage, the report reveals, was superseded only in Australia and Japan.

Furthermore, the report shows the Eurozone nations taken as a whole saw unprecedented growth in the proportion of PPC searches carried out via mobile, accounting for 5.8% of all paid search in December, rising from 2.1% the previous January.

The report found that the growing number of mobile phone handsets and tablets owned by consumers in the UK was encouraging advertisers to increase their budget for mobile PPC as a proportion of overall search spend, a figure which had risen substantially from 3.2% to 9.3% between January and December 2011.

The report argues that increasing this relative expenditure further could well prove fruitful, given what it sees as a lagging behind of the growth in this expenditure in comparison with the rise in paid mobile search activity.

An additional advantage the report found with investing in PPC via mobile was the low cost per click (CPC) rates for mobile devices when compared with those for desktop computers.