UK consumers share experiences with social media

PushON | May 17th 2013

Recent research in the UK has found that 69 per cent of consumers are using mobile devices to actively share their live brand interactions on social networks.

The major social networks dominate with 61 per cent posting to Facebook, 24 per cent sharing on YouTube and 25 per cent choosing Twitter.

The research was carried out for Electrify and immediate future, a social media consultancy, which is seeking to identify the relevant links between live brand experiences and social media. The firm has even devised a tagline for the link-up: ‘Live Brand Social.’

Of those surveyed, nearly half felt the combination of a live brand experience and social media made an event more successful.

According to Katy Howell of immediate future, the survey highlights the value of social media to brands:

“It isn’t just a case of snapping, linking and chatting about a live branded experience. The survey shows…people want to interact with the brand too.”

She went on to explain that half of Facebook’s users will enter competitions related to brands and 50 per cent will follow a brand’s Facebook page. Additionally, 25 per cent are likely to interact with a company over a brand experience.

Live Brand Social also has an impact on income for businesses. More than 50 per cent of attendees are likely buy something because of the interaction. Furthermore, 54 per cent will seek to find more brand information online, and nearly half will go to a store.