UK growth in smartphone usage revealed as largest in survey of five developed countries

PushON | January 26th 2012

An increase in smartphone usage among UK consumers between January and October last year was higher than in the US, Germany, Japan, France; according to a new survey commissioned by search engine giant Google.

The survey, carried out on Google’s behalf by the Ipsos Mori research company, revealed that usage in the UK rose from 30% to 45% during this ten-month period; whilst usage in the US and France rose from 31% to 38%, and 27% to 38% respectively; and usage in Japan and Germany rose from 6% to 17%, and from 18% to 23% respectively.

The survey found that among smartphone users, accessing the internet on a daily basis was a very common activity; with 54% doing so in the UK. The country with the highest percentage of smartphone users accessing the web on a daily basis was Japan with 88%.

The survey also found however that, across the five countries, smartphone users had not abandoned their laptop or desktop computers; with general usage of the latter devices remaining more or less constant; and with approximately the same percentage of users accessing the internet via PCs as via smartphones.

Another interesting finding from the survey was the fact that, across all five countries, smartphone users were around 50% more likely than non-users to own a tablet.

Looking at actual tablet usage, the survey found that that this had grown among UK consumers from 4% to 6%; whilst in the US it stood at 11%.