UK retailers need to embrace mobile, according to survey

PushON | March 11th 2013

The UK’s retailers have been the subject of many negative news stories, as many struggle through the economy’s bleakest years. However, it seems that for retailers to survive, they need to embrace technology to target their customers more effectively.

According to experts, the increasing use of mobile technology is one area retailers need to capitalise on. Customers are hungry to buy from their mobile devices and brands need to capture this demand.

In a survey by, it emerged that customers were more confident in buying via their mobile device than they have ever been before. The survey shows that around 28% of consumers are likely to browse and shop via their mobile device and 54% intend to buy.

The survey demonstrates a trend amongst consumers for accessing mobile transactions, which is a result of canny mobile marketing from within the industry. Consumers are now more trusting of mobile security; last year nearly a third of them were worried about mobile payment security, in 2013 that figure is at less than 4%. Additionally, there have been reduced mobile costs, increased speeds with 4G, an influx of easy-to-use smartphones and a surge in tablet popularity.

Whilst mobile shopping growth has been almost exponential internationally, the UK is still lagging behind. However, some UK retailers are starting to see the results of smart mobile marketing strategies. Marks and Spencer has seen an annual mobile sales increase of over 89% up to last year. Likewise, Domino’s Pizza saw a 50% increase in mobile purchases, just in the final quarter of last year. believes retailers like Marks and Spencer and Domino’s Pizza have set the standard for other UK brands to aspire to and feel now is the time to implement a cogent and exciting mobile strategy.