User Experience Training in Manchester – Guest Post

PushON | November 25th 2013

UX Training Manchester

There are three elements to designing a great product, but one of them is often overlooked.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of functional design. The idea that a product is built to do what it says it will do. A sports car that drives fast, for example, or a toaster that toasts your bread.

We’re also accustomed to thinking in terms of aesthetic design. How a product looks and how visually appealing it is. The lines, proportions and styling of a Porsche 911, for example, are a major part of that car’s brand and personality. 

The third element of design – and least commonly understood – is the idea of experience design. How it feels to use a product. The emotional responses generated when we interact with it, which can range from frustration to satisfaction to joy. 

With a Porsche, that feeling is determined not only by the functional performance and aesthetic charms. But also by the sound of the engine, the smoothness of the gear stick, the quality of the leather trim and a thousand other tiny details.

Great product designers pay attention to these tiny details because they know they matter to users. And great technology companies like Amazon, Apple and Google invest massively in their user experience design teams. Because they know it gives them a competitive advantage over Borders, Archos and Alta Vista (and many other brands you no longer hear of). 

One of the goals of our UX training courses is to help companies identify the small details that matter to their customers. And then to build great products around them.

You don’t need huge budgets to do this. And you don’t need specialist personnel. You just need the know-how and some hands-on experience. Both of which our courses provide.

Our first UX training course in Manchester takes place in the Museum of Science and Technology on March 4-5, 2014. You can learn more about the course – and book a place – by visiting the UX Training Manchester page on our website.