User Generated Marketing – Get Someone Else To Do Your Viral Marketing

PushON | July 3rd 2007

Firefox Viral Video Campaign

Firefox has had a particularly successful growth, and has now increased to 12.7% share of the browser market*; everyone loves an underdog, and while Microsoft uses alliances with hardware manufacturers and retailers, global marketing, and efficient cross sell strategies; Most people use Microsoft products, but when was the last time you heard a someone rave about them?

Firefox is particularly prevalent in the technology industries – there is high usage by Web Designers, Online Marketers, Web Developers, etc. This is the ideal target market for browser software; with characteristics such as higher than average Internet usage; presence in Internet forums; ability to create media, and comment/link in blogs and websites.

The Mozilla Foundation started a campaign to which showcased videos created by its users, here’s a popular example of the user generated videos created :

Lucozade Promote User Generated Content (UGC)

Lucozade have also used this strategy in their latest marketing campaign; to get the ball rolling they launched a massive campaign using above and below the line marketing – Internet, Billboard, T.V. advertising, etc.

I would show an example here; but I couldn’t find anything worth republishing… let me know if you find a decent one (even the winning video was pants).

* Source – WebProNews 2nd July 2007