Using Javascript to speed up CSS changes

Dave Sims | November 22nd 2012

Whenever building new sites, adding CSS to a site is always quite a long and tedious process, whether it be having to try different things out in Chrome’s inspect tool and then copying and pasting across to our stylesheet and saving the changes, or using a specific CSS program such as Stylizer, these changes all mount up and you no doubt end up missing one change and then spending the next period of time working out what you have missed or you will get sick and tired of having to swap back and forth between your browser and your text editor.

I have been using a new piece of Javascript that seems to have this all covered though. It listens out for changes in your CSS document and then will refresh the page automatically to show these changes. It is a great way to speed up styling a new site as well as for small bug fixes. The plugin has been developed by and is a simple case of copying their code and inserting a link just underneath your css file in the header. It doesn’t rely on having any other framework installed and works straight off.

They do also have a Bookmarklet that you can install in your browser too that will work in the same way, but personally I would prefer to include it myself.