Utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing – SASCon BETA 2014

PushON | December 1st 2014

SAScon BETA 2014

Jim Haysom and Jamie Riddle both digital marketing consultants share their key recommendations for utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing. They believe that successful social media starts with the right content, to the right audience at the right time with analytics helping.

Looking at the automotive industry the guys discussed the following.

Metrics For Success

Followers & Fans – the number of followers has the potential to mean both something and nothing for a business. 

Can we learn anything from these fan tables? Look at the growth in analytics and interactions from fans or followers. The size of these followers can be influenced by advertising, organic growth and online signposting. For all social channels you need to analyse who’s following or liking you.

One platform where you can identify how your audience defines themselves is through Twitter using biography analysis, answering questions such as location and whether they in your catchment? Should we worry about ‘roving’ followers?

Audience vs. Customers

Not every follower is a customer so a business must take time to analytics their customer. But how do you deal with lapsed accounts? Social analytics can look at both accounts and see where they cross over. It’s software like Birdsong that will allow you to do this.

Growing An Audience – Signposting

Is social referral traffic set up in your analytics? How as a business do you know who is checking, clicking on links or sharing their experiences? Swarm checkin, Facebook checkin and QR posts and codes are just some ways of collecting data.

Using Facebook as an example, is signposting alone sufficient? Like emails, you need to provide reasons for someone to follow you. Content is useless if you share it to the wrong audience at the wrong time. Social interactions tracking on GA, social platform analytics and various third part tools can provide meaningful insights.

How Engagement Can Help Reach?

Twitter Analytics can be used to look deeper into the performance of any of your recent tweets. This is also a free tool. It allows you to view your tweet timeline and the key metrics which are impressions, engagements and engagement rates. Tweet activity can be downloaded to interrogate the data, discover trends and performance activity, allowing you to look at what does and doesn’t work.