Vodafone expands its use of social media

PushON | April 16th 2013

Vodafone is to expand and extend its use of social media networks for its brand marketing. The decision to continue growing the brand this way was down, in part, to the company’s appointment of a new head of social media, Samuel Hall.

Hall has been tasked with growing Vodafone’s social media usage beyond the customer service role it currently takes.

A company spokesperson explained that Hall will be challenged with enhancing communications for the brand across a variety of social platforms. Alongside the existing customer service role, Hall will seek to establish the brand using a variety of strategies, from advocacy to identifying influencers.

Commentators believe Hall’s arrival signposts a significant evolutionary move by Vodafone in its use of social media marketing. It seems the company is beginning to integrate social media as an over-arching communication utility throughout the business.

Vodafone’s Twitter presence has garnered much praise for its customer service role within the social media channel. Indeed, one analytics company, Social Bakers, claimed Vodafone was the most successful Twitter-based company in terms of response rate to customers in the final quarter of last year.

Vodafone feels certain its success is a direct result of the decision to use Twitter as a customer service channel, rather than as a specific marketing tool.

The appointment of Hall comes after O2 added a new head of social media, Paul Fabretti, to its team. Both communications companies are about to begin marketing campaigns for the roll out of their 4G networks this summer.