Wales internet stumps business growth

PushON | July 2nd 2012

I have recently returned from the stunning and beautiful Brecon Beacons in South Wales. A trip that promised relaxation, amazing scenery, plenty of time to mess around online, drink and a general care free attitude for a week. The state of Wales Internet make sure that this was not to be.

As we arrived into Wales and started taking in the amazing views, we started passing through some of the more remote towns and villages. Everything seemed perfect, and I was feeling content, looking forward to arriving at our cottage. Battle was one of the last villages that we left before hitting the country roads with the sat nav guiding us. This is when I started realising that my plans might be some what tarnished by the lack of signal; my phone kept losing network and my hair started falling out. “This is not good” I thought, “maybe the cottage will have wifi, yeah, surely they will have wifi… it is the 21st century after all…”

How wrong I was.

We arrived at our cottage and setup, I checked my phone and there wasn’t even a hint of reception. It was a complete dead zone (later I was to find that this is the case for all of Wales’ Internet). I unpacked my things and started hopefully searching for a wifi connection, but nothing there either. My week had plummeted into the mid 90’s.

One view of the situation would be; I should have taken this opportunity to feel liberated from the technological burdens of modern life but, quite frankly, I love the modern world. I welcome new technology with open arms and I will be the first to admit that I am a gadget fiend. However, these gadgets fall flat on their face without an internet connection.

In this day and age I fully expect somewhere like Wales to offer decent connectivity, after all it’s driving distance from two of the biggest cities in Europe (London, and Manchester) – the business opportunities that must be missed on a daily basis must be astronomical. Wales Internet has to improve, it’s suffocating the country.

[quotetag image=”” link=”″ text=”Google is trying to encourage more Welsh businesses to get online as figures show around 40% of small firms have no website.” from=”BBC”][/quotetag]


It’s not surprising that 40% of businesses in Wales don’t have a website if the connectivity is so bad. Maybe Google should concentrate on supporting ISPs rather than having one-on-one health checks with Welsh businesses.

wales internet access to improve

Ending on a plus note, it’s good to see that the problem has been recognised (be it by a company that is on the other side of the world), and something is happening. Let’s hope connectivity improves in Wales so that the United Kingdom can continue to grow as a leader in the digital age.