We All Follow United – Too Late to the Twitter Party?

PushON | July 10th 2013

MUFC Twitter

It’s been a long time coming, Manchester United Football club have finally joined Twitter, perfect timing for the start of their pre-season tour.

MUFC Twitter

It was revealed in June on the job section of Manutd.com that Manchester United were on the search for a Social Media Manager with the build up to their social push on Twitter. Looking even further back, it’s not hard to find the ‘Social Media Campaign Manager’ job spec for Man United in November 2012. With such preparation and build up to the launch of @ManUtd on Twitter, are they too late joining the Twitter party and did they spend to long preparing for the launch of a different social platform other than Facebook?

If we look at the top clubs in England, its not hard to find their social activity on Twitter. Firstly we can find Manchester City, @MCFC, on just under 1m followers and according to Followerwonk, the account is 1,898 days old (5 Years).

Liverpool FC, @LFC, currently has 1.7m followers with the account being 1,625 days old (4 Years)

Chelsea FC, @chelseafc, currently has 2.4m followers and is 1,587 days old (4 Years).

Arsenal.com, @arsenal, currently has the most followers with 2.5m and is the most recent account out of the others, dating back 1,538 days (4 Years).

Compare these to their Facebook likes and you can instantly see Manchester United have been missing out on the potential to reach a large amount of their online fans.

Manchester United FC: Facebook – 34m    Twitter – 200k+

Chelsea FC: Facebook – 17m       Twitter – 2.4m

Arsenal FC: Facebook – 14m       Twitter – 2.5m

Liverpool FC: Facebook – 12m     Twitter – 1.7m

Manchester City FC: Facebook – 5.6m      Twitter – 1m

If you compare the total number of Facebook fans to the following on Twitter, its expected that Manchester United would have twice the amount of Twitter followers as Chelsea with around 5m.

Did Manchester United leave it too late to create a Twitter account?

Sina Weibo

With the launch of the @ManUtd Twitter account, they launched on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo is known to be a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook and is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of Internet users, with a market penetration similar that of Twitter in the USA.

Here’s a infographic from December 2011, showing the social presence of Premier League teams on Twitter and Facebook:

ManU wins laurels in Brit Sports Digital Agency's New Soccer ...

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