Weareventuri Recruitment – an evolutionary mistake?

PushON | September 12th 2010

Seriously, Darwin would have a field day with Weareventuri. How do these people manage to function with all the requirements of breathe, breathe out, breathe in….You would have thought that in any form of marketing, a little research into your targets would help. If Weareventuri had taken the time to look, they would have noted that we are particularly repulsed by the spammy and crass practices of many recruitment agencies. Even if they didn’t do their research, Weareventuri should have perhaps taken note of the emails I sent to them in response to their previous approaches. But no. It appears that Weareventuri do not have to pay attention to the requests of someone they believe may be a potentially client, they keep blundering on regardless. Is that the sort of company I want to do business with? Absolutely not. Weareventuri, welcome to the PushON Recruitment Agency Shit List