Web Marketing and SEO presentation in Manchester

PushON | March 13th 2007

We did our first presentation to Manchester business last night. I think there were around 60 representatives of local business of one size or another. The presentation worked through from the basics of how search engines work into how to make a website work as best as possible with search, as well as some outline search engine marketing techniques. It seemed to go well. We had plenty of people staying on for us to have a look through their websites and give a little advice.

I was also preaching the creed of blog. How a blog can be so useful as a means of engaging with your audience wherever it may be. Hopefully they’re going to add comments on here. We’ve also received enquiries this morning via email. For some reason, our website MOT form was broken. We think we know why and it’s fixed now. It just goes to show that a website really has to be an asset that you actively manage, no matter how good you think you are. Even if you are a fancy pants online marketing agency as well.

The presentation is being put online at the moment By the time anyone reads this, it should be live.

Last night was fun. Another one to do on Thursday. We’ll refine the presentation a little prior to that but we’ll still keep it rambling. Interacting with the crowd throughout stops it from getting too dry.

If anyone wants to leave feedback on the presentation, this is the place.