What's the Latest? Paid Media News

This month’s round-up from the world of PPC… 
Google expanded text ads
Previously, search ads consisted of ‘Headline 1, Headline 2 and a description’. Google has released a new format which includes ‘Headline 3’ as their tests showed this format received 15% more clicks than other ad formats.
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Google debuts shoppable image ads and video in shopping showcase ads
Google Image Search and Google Search now allow the inclusion of a video in Showcase Shopping Ads to be displayed in the featured image position. After clicking on the ad, the video plays in full at the top of the Google-hosted landing page and features a selection of products from the advertiser’s product feed. This is great news for retail and brand advertisers, especially in the run-up to Christmas.
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Google responsive display ads roll out as a new default format
Google announced that responsive display ads will be rolling out to all advertisers over the next few months. Similar to responsive search ads, advertisers provide several inputs and the ads get assembled on the fly by Google’s machine learning algorithms. Advertisers can add up to 15 images, five headlines, five descriptions and five logos for responsive display ads.
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Keyword research strategies in a closer-variant world
It has been suggested that marketers should re-visit their keyword research approach due to Google’s upcoming exact match change. The change is to include variations that share the same meaning as the keyword, including implied words and paraphrases – therefore the exact words are no longer the sole trigger for ads to show on exact match keywords.
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Now you can enable call reporting at the account level in Google Ads
Previously you could only enable call reporting at the campaign level, the new change means no more forgetting to enable call reporting for every call extension and call-only ad!
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Bing Ads Updated with competition tab, performance insights and location recommendations
Bing has said that these features are unique to Bing Ads and not offered by any other tools; “Over the summer we spent time working with advertisers like you on three new capabilities which use AI and machine learning to address needs that are currently unmet across the landscape of digital advertising tools.”
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